Outdoor Residential / Commercial Hyroponic Farm Setup

Save time as the entire project setup is taken care by Balconycrops team. The customers have a hassle free experience in the whole process.

Balcony crops commercial Hydroponics setup

Farm Management Support

We handhold our clients into their agricultural journey till they are fully independently able to manage the farm. We offer virtual support for life.

Balcony crops commercial Hydroponics setup

Why Choose Hydroponics Farming?

The hydroponics technique is a type of controlled environment agriculture which allows you to grow various type of leafy greens and vine crops, where you can save water use by up to 90%, requires 80 to 95 percent less area, and produce all year round. Thus you can setup your own indoor or outdoor commercial profitable farm easily.

Balcony crops specializes in urban farming methods by enabling people to grow their own food in their premises like a Hotel,Apartment,IT Park,Cafes,Individual Home & agriculture land.We take full responsibility of setting up outdoor turnkey hydroponic System which will avail the benefits of round the year crop production.

More food in less area

With protected cultivation and A frame system now we can grow 7 times more food in the same area.

Grow anywhere

We can now grow our food anywhere with help of just water and protected cultivation.

Water shortage

Up to 90% of water can be saved by growing in this method compared to soil farming.

How does this work?

Checking Site Feasibility

Along with you, we help you identify a site location to set up our hydroponic project. We consider locality, levelling of land, examine electricity and water also gather basic information of surrounding

Construction of Farmsite

Once financial feasibility is analysed we start working on the Construction of the Project. Based on site feasibility, weather and market research we choose hydroponic system that's best for your area

Yield Fresh Produce

Once construction is completed, we work on automating the farm using IoT devices as well as integrating with farm management. At this stage, we also start training your field team to make sure we continuously grow high quality produce.

Start your farming journey with Balconycrops!

Types of setups we do?

Agricultural Land

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R&D Farm

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Why Urban Farming?

Urban farming enables people to grow fresh & pesticide free greens locally which saves on carbon and water footprint making it more sustainable.

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