How to start your balcony/terrace garden?


Plants can make your balcony/terrace look scenic. Many people living in gated communities/villas enjoy their cup of coffee looking at the plants and some even talk to them as if they were their own children,Which is true to its best. A balcony can become a place of relaxation with beautiful flowering plants or it can also act as a food production by growing greens, herbs & vegetables in containers. Here are the 4 common answers which will help you get started with your gardening journey!

1.What can I grow on my balcony/terrace?

You can grow Indian Greens & Herbs like Mint,Coriander and Spinach,Continental Greens and Herbs like Kale,Lettuce,Argula & Basil based on the season in your region.

Apart from these you can also grow flowering plants like Dahlias,Zinnia,Petunia & Marigold and vegetables like Capsicum,Tomato & Ladies Finger.

2. How much sunlight does it require?

All directions except the North facing balcony are best suited for gardening. Your plants need Minimum of 2 hours to maximum 6 hours of sunlight to grow.

3. How much time do I need to spend to maintain the plants?

In the Hydroponic method of farming, the time required to maintain plants is very less, about just 20 minutes a week. Yes you heard it right,all the nutrients required for plants are mixed along with the water and all you have to do is just water them and watch them grow.

4. What is the budget required to start my balcony garden?

Any budget gardening will start from growing your plants from seed. Start small and simple with minimum plants that you can manage and increase gradually.This is the best way to keep you engaged throughout the journey of gardening without much investment. We have a wide range of budget friendly Balcony Gardening Kits to start your gardening journey.

Happy Gardening!

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